Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my friend?

Yes! Just be sure that they have completed the Volunteer Registration Form at, and have signed up for the pick-up/delivery or glean along with you. We need to keep track of how many people are coming to each pick-up/delivery and glean so we don’t have too many or too few volunteers.

Do I have to live in the region or county where the pick-up/delivery or glean will be?

All Berkshire Bounty volunteers may sign up for any gleans that are posted. Just please be sure that you will be able to attend if it is a considerable distance away.

Has the fruit been sprayed with chemicals?

Sometimes. Our gleans take place at a wide variety of properties, from 20-acre orchards to urban backyards. We ask the property owner whether or not their crop has been sprayed with non-organic chemicals and we include that information on the glean posting.

I completed the Volunteer Registration Form. Am I signed up for any pick-up/delivery or glean?

Not yet. You have completed the first step of giving us your contact information and indicating that you agree with the Terms of Participation. Now you need to visit our Pick-ups/Deliveries and Gleans page. Here you will find all of the open pick-ups/deliveries and gleans that are currently scheduled. Sign up for the ones  that you would like to attend. If there are no pick-ups/deliveries or gleans listed, then we do not have any scheduled. Check back frequently for new postings.

I signed up for a pick-up/delivery and/or a glean. When will I get the address?

  • After you sign up for a given day on the Pick-ups/Deliveries and Gleans page, your name is added to the glean roster. The page that appears right after you sign up shows the address for the activity you signed up for. Write it down before you go to any other page.
  • You will also be sent an email with a link to the pick-up/delivery and/or glean details.
  • Make sure that we have your contact information so we can put you on the pick-up/delivery and/or glean roster. If you have not previously registered as a volunteer, fill out the Volunteer Registration Form. You have to complete this form only once.

I signed up for a pick-up/delivery or glean, and now I can’t go. What should I do?

The email that you receive after signing up for a particular pick-up/delivery or  glean has a link in it to use if you need to cancel. Cancelling gives someone else a chance to take your place. This also applies to the waiting list - cancel that spot if you find out that you would not be able to attend if you were promoted to the roster.

Why do some pick-ups/deliveries and gleans meet their volunteer quota quickly?

Many registered volunteers are regularly checking the Pick-ups/Deliveries and Gleans page. This is the only place that we announce pick-ups/deliveries and gleans that are in need of volunteers unless there is reason to think that we will not get enough volunteers in time in which case we would send out an e-mail to all volunteers.

Why are there not more gleans?

Berkshire Bounty relies on donations from growers. After a crop is donated, our coordinators factor Berkshire Bounty's ability to staff gleans, parking and the requests of the land owner to determine how and when gleans will be hosted.